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4" Concrete Test Bio-Cylinder™


QTY BREAKS @ 10,  24, 48, & 96 CARTONS

Minimum 24 carton order for custom printing.

For maximum cost savings in regards to quantity price breaks and freight, we recommend purchasing by the pallet (24 boxes).


Bio-degradable • Recyclable • Virtually unlimited shelf life.
• BIO-CYLINDER™ test cylinders meet A.S.T.M. specifications C39,C192 and C470.
• BIO-CYLINDER™ mold is non-absorptive.
• Molded single unit for consistent dimensional uniformity.
• Smooth molded plastic allows quick, easy stripping.
• Strong, durable BIO-CYLINDER™ is weather resistant, eliminating job-site storage problems.
• Custom silk screen labeling available (24 carton minimum).
• BIO-CYLINDER™ lids and stripping tools available.
• Large rim 4" Cylinder mold available with high domed or flat lids only
• Also available in 6x12, 3x6, and 2x4.
Made in USA
Black 4 x 8 Bio-Cylinders
CAT# Printing Lid PKG Size
TC4 Plain-no printing No lid 36
TC4-L4F Flat lid 36
TC4-L4D Domed lid 36
TC4PG Generic Logo No lid 36
TC4PG-L4F Flat lid 36
TC4PG-L4D Domed lid 36
TC4P Custom Logo   MINIMUMS APPLY No lid 36
TC4P-L4F Flat lid 36
TC4P-L4D Domed lid 36
White  4 x 8 Bio-Cylinders
TC4W Plain-no printing No lid 36
TC4W-L4F Flat lid 36
TC4W-L4D Domed lid 36
TC4WPG Generic Logo No lid 36
TC4WPG-L4F Flat lid 36
TC4WPG-L4D Domed lid 36
TC4WP Custom Logo   MINIMUMS APPLY No lid 36
TC4WP-L4F Flat lid 36
TC4WP-L4D Domed lid 36
For quality control and for reference in the case of concrete failure, test specimens are very essential to the engineer and concrete producer. To insure that the only variable is the concrete itself, use correct curing and sampling procedures and ECON-O-MOLD concrete test cylinder molds. They give consistent, dependable performance.
Cylinders are available in large rim and small rim design.