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4" Plastic Beam Mold


Price: $50.00
Use the Deslauriers 4” Beam Mold to cast concrete for flexural strength testing. This durable one-piece mold is constructed from heavy-duty plastic and engineered with reinforcing ribs.
Provides consistent, quality test specimens.

Meets ASTM C31, C78,C192, C293.
The new Insert Panels are included with the purchase of the CAT#: 4BM-PLASTIC
Now with 2 methods to strip:
To facilitate specimen removal, we suggest coating the inside of the mold with a film of releasing agent prior to each use.
  • Compressed air: Remove the plug from the hole in the bottom of the mold and apply compressed air. 
  • Insert Panels: Place the wedge insert panel with ridges facing towards the outside edge of the mold. Next, place the flat insert strip behind it. To remove, gently loosen panel using upward motion with any rod-like tool.