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Aluminum Unit Weight Buckets



Machined aluminum cylindrical unit weight measures with handles for determining unit weight of fine, coarse or mixed aggregate. Water tight with true and even top.

Meets ASTM C29, C138, C192, C232 and AASHTO T19, T121, T158.

Aluminum  Unit Weight (Density) Bucket
Catalog# Capacity
UWB-A-1 1 CU FT (28.3 L)
UWB-A-1/2 1/2 CU FT  (14.1 L)
UWB-A-1/4  1/4  CU FT (7.1 L)

Acrylic Strike Off Plates
Catalog# SIZE
UWSP-12 12" X 12" X 1/2"
UWSP-16 16" X 16" X 1/2"

Strike off plates also available in steel and aluminum