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Block Cap


Deslauriers introduces the first UNBONDED CAPPING SYSTEM for compression testing of concrete masonry units.

  • Convenient and uncomplicated. no mixing, cutting, or measuring.
  • Clean and economical, saving time and labor.
  • Accurate and consistent. Based on comparison tests this unit indicates excellent results versus capping with hydrocal gypsum performed according to ASTM C140.

The block cap compression pad is a fibrous composite laminated to tough plastic sheeting. The composite flows into the irregularities of the cmu, thus distributing the test load uniformly - with no damage to the cell stems. The plastic sheeting provides rigidity and provides protection to machine platens.

BCO8 8" X 16" CMU 10 SETS/CTN
BC12 12" X 16" CMU 10 SETS/CTN












        PATENTED 7,415,890