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C49 Bridge Overhang Bracket and Accessories



Cat#: C49

Deslauriers bridge overhang brackets are designed with maximum adjustability to meet the overhang forming requirements on either structural steel or precast/prestressed concrete beams. They can also be mounted to steel beams, precast concrete beams and concrete box beams.
 • Can be easily and quickly preset on the ground and then set in place as needed.

 •  Adjustable from 30" to 50" vertically.

 •  54" standard horizontal length.

Cat#: C52

The C52 Guardrail bracket is designed to allow the installation of an OSHA required lumber guard rail post on the exterior formwork of a bridge deck.

Receptacle bolts securely to either the C49 Bridge Overhang bracket and/or C54 extender and accepts 2x4 guardrail post. Bolting hardware included.

CAT#: C54

The C54 Bridge Overhang Bracket Extender attaches to one side of the outboard end of the overhang bracket’s horizontal member to extend the usable working surface of the bracket.

The C54 Extender and C52 Guard Rail Receptacle are used when the overhang formwork is required to extend beyond the end of the standard C49 bracket. The extender is used to support walkway loads. Follow spacing requirements as outlined by OSHA and other local agencies.

Bolting hardware included.

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