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Capital Forms


Note: A quote is needed for this item.

Deslauriers' Capital Forms are available in standard diameters from 36" and up and with column sizes from 16" and up.

Standard Capitals are manufactured on a 1:1 slope. A standard 6" column extension is included to allow attaching to existing column or to be bolted to column forms for monolithic pours.

To receive a quote: select capital diameter and specify column diameter in order form.

Special Capital sizes are available.

Cat# Capital Dia Column Diameter
CAP36- 36" To Be Specified
CAP42- 42" To Be Specified
CAP48- 48" To Be Specified
CAP54- 54" To Be Specified
CAP60- 60' To Be Specified
CAP66- 66" To Be Specified
CAP72- 72' To Be Specified
CAP84- 84" To Be Specified
CAP96- 96" To Be Specified