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Controlled Low Strength Material Sample Kit "CLSM"


Comes ready to use.

CAT#: CLSM -  3” dia x 6” high specimens. 4 per carton

CAT#: CLSM-4 - 4" dia. 6" high specimen. 1 per carton

CAT#: CLSM-6 - 6" dia. 12" high specimen. 1 per carton

Requires no special tools- no knives.
No cutting.
No damage to the specimens.

Each cylinder contains an Engineered Liner which minimizes friction, allowing specimen to easily separate from cylinder and a Bottom Insert which helps eliminate vacuum and protects bottom edges of specimen from damage.

The cylinders (with lids) come in a heavy duty, partitioned shipping container which can be used to protect the specimens during transit.

"I have recently used "the cylinder saver" when testing flowable fill concrete. The ability to slip the samples out was astonishing. It maintained the specimen's integrity. We had been using split 4 x 8 cylinder molds and placing a 4" diameter band to keep the mold together. This mold is what I consider a "state of the art" mold for resting flowable fill, whether it is regular gray flowable or a colored flowable."

GALLUP SAND & GRAVEL CO. Frank A. Kozeliski, P.E., F.A.C.I. President and Materials Engineer