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Core Bits

Core Bits




One Core Bit Effectively Drills Concrete & Asphalt Even Through Heavily Reinforced Concrete

  • Through a Unique Matrix (bond) Design Coupled With a High Diamond Concentration Now One (1) Core Bit Effectively Cores Both Concrete and Asphalt Without Experiencing the Wear That Asphalt Generates
  • Designed For Wet Drilling of Concrete or Asphalt
  • Standard Diameter Sizes From ½” & Up
  • Core Bits Manufactured Especially For Pre-Stressed Concrete Where Cable or Loose Rebar & Mesh Can Cause Segment Loss
  • Wet Core Bit Sub-Adapters

Converts 1-1/4” - 7 Thread to 5/8” - 11

 Converts 5/8”- 11 Thread to 1-1/4” - 7

  • Core Bit Extension Shafts Available
  • Core Bits Designed for Dry Cutting (drilling)
  • Electric Drills Will Run Dry Core Bits
  • Dry Core Bit Adapters:

    Adapts 1/2” Shank to 5/8” -11

    Adapts 3/8” Shank to 5/8 - 11

DDBBS1440L 4" Core Bit  
DDBBS1442 4.25” Core Bit 
DDBBS1460L 6" Core Bit  
DDBBS1462L 6.25" Core Bit   

other sizes available

*Shipping Disclaimer

Due to size, this product does not ship via UPS. Customer service will contact you with the shipping cost for your order prior to processing any payment.