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DISC-10F Impalement Safety Cover - Conduit

Deslauriers Impalement Safety Covers

Approved by California OSHA #C1718AG and OSHA 1723AG

Now approved for conduit sizes 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” conduit

Cat# DISC-10F 

Deslauriers' Caps are steel reinforced and conform to State and Federal safety regulations.

Brightly colored safety caps provide a visual warning to help prevent trip hazards. 

Protects conduit from moisture and foreign objects.

Federal OSHA 701b and CAL OSHA 1712 requires that all employees working above grade or any surface and exposed to protrudent reinforcing steel or other similar projections (including conduit) shall be protected against the hazard of impalement.


* NOTE: Impalement caps not stamped with a valid CAL-OSHA approval number are not compliant with Federal guidelines and should not be used.