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  • Place holes before you pour. Save time and money.
  • Drilling can cut rebar and reduce strength.
  • Made with slight taper for easy removal.
  • Made of high density plastic-one piece construction.
  • Will not shatter in cold weather.
  • Easy to cut with a pocket knife.
  • Staple or nail through the flange in exact location you want.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport... and safe, no sharp edges or corners.

Econ-O-Sleeve Hole Forms for both floors and walls.

Econ-O-Sleeve Hole Forms consistently form round, smooth, uniform holes and are available in a broad range of diameters. They may be cut, stacked, or telescoped for any slab thickness.

Form holes, don't drill em!
Econ-O-Sleeve forms come in a variety of diameters, and adjust for any slab thickness by stacking two or more together or simply use our new 1” incremental extenders.

Catalog # Top Dia Height qty/ctn
EOS 1.5  1½" 8-1/8" 110
EOS 2 2" 8-1/8" 80
EOS 3 3" 8-1/8" 100
EOS 4 4" 8-1/8" 56
EOS 5 5" 8-1/8" 40
EOS 6 6" 8-1/8" 24
EOS 8 8" 8-1/8" 15