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Grout Prism Liner


The Grout Prism Liner is designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of ASTM C1019 (Standard Test Method for Sampling and Testing Grout).

Grout Prism Liner (GPL) utilizes a thin corrugated paper based upon the patented engineered design in Deslauriers’ GSB. The proven slotted surface allows moisture to pass through to the block.

Pre-assembled Grout Prism Liner is 3-1/2 “ square x 7-3/4” high. With the 3/4” plastic Prism Spacer, it forms a consistent 2:1 length to width ratio.

The modular design of the Grout Prism Liner allows for fast setup of the C1019 pinwheel forming method, saving labor and money.

The Grout Prism Liner consistently yields specimens with precise geometry and prevents specimens from adhering to block.

Grout Prism Spacer (GPS) is manufactured from a rigid, non-absorbent plastic and is non-reactive to grout constituents.

The Grout Prism Spacer is durable, reusable, and easy to clean.

The Grout Prism Spacer keeps the GPL square and properly aligned while assembling block mold, while the
thickness allows the specimen to be the correct height.

Grout Prism Kit: 24 grout prism liners and 4 grout prism spacer blocks.

Also sold separately

CAT# GPL- Grout Prism Liner: 24 grout prism liners.
CAT# GPS - Grout Prism Spacer Blocks: 4 grout prism spacer blocks.

Made in USA