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GSB - Grout Sample Box

Grout Sample Box GSB Grout Sample Prism GSP


Patent Pending

GSB® - Grout Sample Box

Package size: 25 GSB's per carton

Made in USA

  • Meets ASTM C1019, Section 6
  • GSB® comparison test data was used in the development of ASTM C1019, Section 6
  • Proven by tests to yield comparable compressive strength values to samples cast by traditional method regardless of CMU moisture content.
  • Consistent, identical prism geometry is created with every set of samples
  • Engineered slotted patented corrugation retains moisture while closely simulating CMU absorption rate

Traditional Method

(According to ASTM C1019/UBC21-18) (As shown in photo)

• Twelve (12) Concrete Masonry Units (CMU)

• Filter paper or other paper products

• Wood or Plastic spacers

• Burlap for keeping samples moist

• Sheet plastic for keeping burlap moist

• Large Flat area for CMU layout

   And Yields:

• Three (3) prism specimens of inconsistent geometry and quality


Traditional Method  for making grout specimens for block  Requires:

• Significant time to obtain CMU, locate  molding area and arrange CMU pattern