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Masonry Grout Window


Grout Window permits clean out of debris plus allows for inspection and monitoring of grout placement.

  • After grout placement; acrylic window can be removed by merely twisting and breaking off the exposed portion of the engineered plastic bolt. That’s it! No Hammers! No Wrenches! No Grinding!
  • When properly used there is no damage to face of block or repairs due to bow outs.
  • Labor savings "Grout Window" can be installed quickly and removed even faster.
  • Acrylic window and nut is reusable, thus providing even greater savings.

While the Nut and Window are re-usable, the exposed portion of the
GW-Bolt easily breaks off after removal of the nut and window to provide a fast, clean, professional and economical means of forming reinforced masonry clean-out covers.

Made in USA


Cat No


Package size





Bolt and Nut

20 sets




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