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Steel Unit Weight Buckets




Steel unit weight buckets are made with dual handles. They are roll-formed, seam-welded, and painted. Water tight and have a true and even top. They are suitable for non-specification checks for unit weight and void content of aggregates when calibrated for volume by end-user.

Meets Cal Trans specifications.



Steel Unit Weight (Density) Bucket
Catalog# Capacity
UWB-S-1 1 CU FT (28.3 L)
UWB-S-1/2 1/2 CU FT  (14.1 L)
UWB-S-1/4  1/4  CU FT (7.1 L)


Acrylic Strike Off Plates
Catalog# SIZE
UWSP-12 12" X 12" X 1/2"
UWSP-16 16" X 16" X 1/2"

Strike off plates also available in steel and aluminum.