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Pera-Cure Curing Box Concrete Test Cylinders

Perfa-Cure Curing Boxes provide storage and protection for concrete test specimens on the jobsite to meet required initial curing conditions. Users plug in the unit and set the thermostat to the desired temperature. Models are available with heating or with both heating and cooling.  The heating panel uses a safe, 
aluminum base to radiate heat. Models with cooling functionality feature a blower fan to circulate cool air inside the box and automatically switch from heating to cooling based on conditions.

Perfa-Cure boxes operate on 110V/60Hz electrical supply.


Perfect for curing test specimens in the fall/winter seasons. Heat only.

Accommodates 12- 6x12" cylinders or 33- 4x8" cylinders.
Meets ASTM C31 & AASHTO T-23 compliant.
Includes Hi/Lo thermometer (ASTM C1064).


Automatically switches from heat to cold when needed. Perfect for curing test specimens in all seasons. 

Accommodates 10- 6x12" cylinders or 32- 4x8" cylinders. 
Meets ASTM C31 & AASHTO T-23 compliant
Includes Hi/Lo thermometer (ASTM C1064)

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Due to size, this product does not ship via UPS. Customer service will contact you with the shipping cost for your order prior to processing any payment.