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Perpendicular Verification Device (PVD)

Deslauriers Perpendicular Verification Device (PVD)


The PVD (Perpendicular Verification Device) is designed to rest on the lower platen of your testing machine and provide a fast, easy and accurate verification of cylinder perpendicularity to demonstrate compliance with ASTM C39.
Both sizes (PVD-6 for 6” X 12” specimens, PVD-4 for 4” X 8” specimens) are configured to reach the test specimen while avoiding contact with your ASTM compliant top and bottom retaining cups.
The PVD-4NS is designed for standard retaining cups.The PVD-4 is designed for use with a 4 inch high X 7.5 inch round or square spacer.
The device can be custom manufactured for use with spacers of other dimensions. Call for price quote.
A Gap Measurement Tool (PVD-TOOL-4 & PVD-TOOL-6) is also provided. To be used as a “go”/ “no-go” check.
The PVD-6, PVD-4NS and PVD-4 are sold separately.
Patent #10,551,161 B2
Made in the USA.

ASTM Notes

7.4.2 Verification of Alignment When Using Unbonded

Caps—If using unbonded caps, verify the alignment of the

specimen after application of load, but before reaching 10 % of

the anticipated specimen strength. Check to see that the axis of

the cylinder does not depart from vertical by more than 0.5°

(Note 11) and that the ends of the cylinder are centered within

the retaining rings. If the cylinder alignment does not meet

these requirements, release the load, and carefully recenter the

specimen. Reapply load and recheck specimen centering and

alignment. A pause in load application to check cylinder

alignment is permissible.

NOTE 11—An angle of 0.5° is equal to a slope of approximately 1 in 100 mm [1⁄8 inches in 12 inches].