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Steel Cylinder Molds


Cat #

  • TCS-4 – 4” x 8” steel mold (10lb)
  • TCS-6 – 6” x 12” steel mold (13lb)
  • TCS-6H – 6” x 12” heavy duty steel mold with handle (15lb)

Reusable steel molds are available for forming both 4” x 8” and 6” x 12” concrete specimens. Our steel molds provide uniform results under repeat severe use. Molds are split on one side and secured with (2) two fast-release connectors. When released, the mold springs open slightly to allow easy removal of the specimen.

The 4” mold (cat# TCS-4) and 6” mold (cat# TCS-6) are fabricated with 1/8” wall. The heavy duty 6” mold (cat# TCS-6H) is manufactured with ¼” wall and a lifting handle. All molds are furnished with a detachable base made from ¼” steel plate. All steel mold components are plated to resist rust.

Meets ASTM C31, C39, C192, C470; and AASHTO T22, T23, T126, T198