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Vers-A-Shim Multi-Packs



Vers-A-Shim® Multi-Packs

  • Pre-assembled packages of shims designed for precise placing of large load bearing precast units.
  • Eliminates correction of elastomeric drift.
  • Can be compressed sufficiently at post tensioning to allow load transfer to the grout.
  • Vers-A-Shim® Multi-Packs are unaffected by liquids, ground chemicals, alkalis and micro-organisms.   Performance characteristics are stable and predictable.

Please refer to pricing notes below

Available in 4" by 6" - SP46MB (30 pack) & 4" by 4" - SP44MB (30 pack)

Vers-A-Shim Multi-Packs are 1-1/16” high and each pack consists of (1)1/16", (2) 1/8". & (3) 1/4" shims rubber-banded together for easy height adjustment.

Shims are color coded by thickness.

Prices are per carton. Quantity discounts will apply with combined shim purchases of 5+ and 15+ cartons.


Engineering Specifications

• Compressive strength of 10.000 psi

• Coefficient of linear expansion is 3 to 5 x 10-5 inches/inch/°C.