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Volumetair Air Meter


Price: $375.00


Volumetair Volumetric Air Meter accurately and economically measures air content in any type of concrete, including lightweight mixes. The unit weighs only 5.5lb (2.5kg) and is made of dimensionally stable PVC and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The Volumetair is 1/3—1/2 the weight of similar brass or aluminum units.

Base and top housing fit together with a leakproof O-Ring seal and stainless steel over-center clamp assembly. Parts clean up easily with water. Base volume is 134in³ (2,200ml), and sight tube has 0—9.5% x 0.25% calibration. The meter comes complete with Funnel, Syringe, Tamper, Strike-Off Bar, Calibrated Cup, and Mallet in a plastic Case. Overall height: 27in (686mm); Maximum diameter: 7.25in (184mm). Est. Ship Wt.: 15lb (7kg). Replacement parts are also available.

  • Meets ASTM and AASHTO specifications.
  • Lightest Volumetric Air Meter.
  • Best for occasional use.